Headquarters of the Group, located in a strategic position in the North-East of Italy that allow the connection to the Italian and European motorway networks. It covers a total area of 52,500 square meters which house the offices of centralised functions, the plant and the warehouse.

The complex was built using the most modern concepts of construction technology, and is equipped with a photovoltaic system in accordance with the corporate philosophy of sustainable development.

Products manufactured at the site of Marcon: water-based wall paints, breathable paints, water-based varnishes and enamels, thickness coatings, putties in paste, lime-based products, colorants, decorative products and specialties.

Production plants: three automated systems, capable of a production of a total of 35,000,000 kg / year of water-based wall paints, wall coatings and lime-based products, three production departments for the production of tinting colorants, enamels, water-based varnishes and and specialties, for a capacity of 10,000,000 kg / year.